A few days after sharing my Amazon Wish List, boxes began to pile up in my house 

Every time I opened a box it was like Christmas

Before I left, I laid everything on the floor and weighed it so I could load the boxes evenly. I used sticky notes to keep track of the weight. I ended up with 168 pounds of supplies in 3 boxes.

Thankfully Southwest Airlines waived all $375 worth of overweight baggage fees for me because they knew what the boxes were for

When I arrived at the school I was surprised to see so many people there to greet me

This is me with some of the students who welcomed me

This is me with several of the teachers, the librarian, and Dori (second from the right)

The students helped the librarian sort the supplies and put them into backpacks 

Everyone was so thankful, it made me happy to meet the students I had been collecting items for

I was able to tour the school before I left and to see some of the destruction caused by the hurricane, which still hadn't been fixed, 8 months later ​

Ceiling tiles were ripped out and blown away

Strong winds and heavy rain tore the blue paint from the outside of the school

And peeled it from the ceilings inside the school

The rains soaked the fans so much that the blades fell off, taking away their relief from the hot tropical temperatures

Despite all the damage, the school was surrounded with beautiful trees and flowers that have grown back, and it's filled with even more beautiful people who taught me that I can find happiness and gratitude in any situation