About Me

I'm currently a high school student in Boulder, Colorado. I'm a skilled web developer with a vast knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP, and Java, and moderate knowledge of Javascript and Python. I also have several years of experience with Adobe Suite software (Photoshop / Illustrator / Lightroom / After Effects), and CAD Design through Autodesk (AutoCAD / Maya / Fusion 360 / 3ds Max).

I am the founder of my own company, Foundations Ltd., helping youth in under-served communities have better access to necessities like school supplies. My most recent project was collecting and delivering supplies to Isidro A. Sanchez high school in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, whose supplies were lost to flooding during hurricane Maria. This year, I plan to help bring STEM education to elementary and middle school students in my own community.

I'm also co-founder of a technology start-up formed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where we created wearable technology for distance athletes and physical therapy patients, and served as the Head of Engineering for the project.