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Amazon, inc.

Software Engineering Intern - AWS


My experience at Amazon was a great challenge in understanding how to navigate the corporate structure of a large company. Many of the hurdles I faced originated from the independence and freedom being an intern on a large and busy team provides. During my 12-week internship, I worked to develop a full stack project along with 3 other interns where my primary job was to build out the front end UI/UX of a patching service on the internal side of Amazon Web Services. While I decided not to accept my return offer to Amazon, I believe it was an overall positive experience, especially learning how to “be an adult” on my own in Seattle, WA.



Hard- and soft-skills improved via this experience! 

MERN Full Stack Development

Learned the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) to connect Ruby on Rails and Javascript to the back-/front-end structures.

Ruby on Rails

Utilized Ruby-on-Rails to deconstruct back-end data lakes and display them to the client front-end website.

Large Project Navigation

Gained the ability to navigate large file structures and git logs to understand the purpose and origins of code.

9-5 Work Day

Learned how to effectively plan and use time during a preset work period. Worked on my efficiency and team collaboration.

Independent Living

Experienced life as a young software engineer in Seattle, living independently in the city!

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